The Seriously Easy Updo

Updos are scary. It's okay to be afraid of them. This one is much less scary than it looks. It doesn't require a curling iron or any of that nonsense, you don't even need to know how to braid - easy, right?! Today we achieved this effortless, "Farmers Market Fancy" style with two small elastics, a couple of bobby pins, and zero product.



Separate your hair into two even sections. Grab the sections of your hair from the base of your head to avoid having a visible part.



Braid 'em. Or don't. If you're not a braider, make two twists. Or braid one and twist one. You do you. I find that with twists or regular, 3-strand braids you can achieve more volume. I'm partial to fishtail braids, but with this style they can end up looking a little flat. Use a small elastic to secure the ends of whichever braiding or twisting method you choose. 



Pull your braids and/or twists apart to make them look really thick and full. We didn't use any product today, but a texturizing spray would be helpful here if you feel like your hair need a little extra help.



Pull one pigtail diagonally across towards the opposite ear and pin it. Do the same with the other pig tail and it will form an X. Your pigtails should have switched sides and moved farther up your head.



At this point, bring the remaining loose pigtails down and pin them under the X you created. Some of you may have enough hair to create another small X towards the base of your neck. Tuck the ends in to hide them and don't be afraid to pull on a few pieces if you feel like it could use some more volume.



Keep it messy for a day at the park with the kiddos or clean it up for a wine-tasting at the vineyard. Seriously easy and seriously handy.